What Are The Benefits Of Heating And Cooling Inspections In Every Season?

Posted on: 29 May 2017

You may have heard the advice to get your heating and cooling systems maintained once a year. But how much does the time of year affect pricing and quality of service, in addition to your own comfort? Here are some tips on which seasons are ideal for heating and cooling maintenance.

In High Season, You'll Face More Competition

The first tip to consider is that when you get your heating and cooling checkup done in the middle of summer or winter, you will likely face stiff competition from other clients. Many people experience urgent heating and cooling maintenance issues during these seasons, such as a heater that breaks down in the dead of winter. There may be surge pricing at these times as a result of the higher demand.

Many Heating Repair Specialists Work with ACs (and Vice Versa)

Another thing to consider is that you can save money if you find a heating repair specialist who also knows how to work with air conditioning units. Since both require a yearly inspection, why not lump them together and save yourself some time? Both units are often connected to the same HVAC system as well, making it an even more efficient choice to have both inspected at the same time.

Aside from Emergencies, Consider Spring or Fall

Due to the lower competition for the best heating and cooling experts, as well as the option of combining heating and cooling inspections, it's best to schedule your appointment when you won't typically be using either system. If repairs or shut downs are needed, you won't be missing the availability of your heating and cooling fixtures.

Which Season Is Hardest for You?

It may come down to a matter of personal preference, when it comes to whether you choose spring or fall for a routine maintenance call. If you really can't stand the highs of summer temperatures, then maybe you should schedule your heating and cooling maintenance call in the springtime. Then, you'll be sure that your air conditioner is working at its peak condition right in time for summer, which means there is less of a chance the system will break down in the middle of summer. And if, on the other hand, you want to prevent a winter heating issue the most, get your checkup at the height of fall. But whenever you choose to do maintenance, any time is better than putting it off until next year.