3 Things To Know About Using Water Softener Pellets In Your Water Softener

Posted on: 30 May 2018

Water softener pellets are an important part of your water softener. Water softener pellets go inside of your water softener. The pellets purpose is to help remove the minerals from your water as it moves through the filter.

How Many to Use

How many water softener pellets to use with your water softener really depends up on the size of your water softener as well as the size of the water softener pellets. The best way to figure out how many water softener pellets to use is to check the information in the owner's manual for your water softener. When in doubt, go with a smaller amount of pellets so you don't overwhelm your water softener.

Make sure you also know how to add pellets to your water softener. There are a few different methods for adding pellets to your water softener that you can use. If your water softener has a hopper, make sure that you keep it full so that your water softener can automatically add pellets to the system. If your water softener operates manually, be sure to check on your water softener at least once a month, and add extra pellets as needed. Once again, your owner's manual should let you know when and how many pellets to add to your water softener.

Watch Out for Mushing

When you use water softener pellets in your water softener, you need to keep an eye out for mushing. Mushing is when the pellets, over time, dissolve and merge together. When they merge together, they create a substance that is known as salt sludge. When you have a block of salt sludge in your water softener, the pellets are no longer going to be able to do their job. If this happens, you need to remove the salt sludge from your water softener, clean your water softener, and start over again with new, fresh water softener pellets.

Clean Your Water Softener Filter

When you use water softener pellets, you need to make sure that you stay on top of cleaning the filter in your water softener. At least once every month or two, check on the filter and make sure that it is not clogged. The filter on your water softener can easily become clogged with the non-salt elements in the water softener pellets. This can be solved by simply removing the water filter from your softener, cleaning it off, and putting it back in place. The key is to check your water filter every month, and clean it when appropriate.

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